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Integrative Human Historical Science of "Out of Eurasia"
Exploring the Mechanisms of the Development of Civilization

Mexico Conference

Landscape, Monuments, Arts, and Rituals Out of Eurasia in Bio-Cultural Perspectives

Proceedings of an International Conference in Mexico, February 27-28, 2020: Landscape, Monuments, Arts, and Rituals Out of Eurasia in Bio-Cultural Perspectives, edited by M. Naoko, S. Sugiyama, and C. Garcia-Des Lauriers, Research Institute for the Dynamics of Civilizations, Okayama University.

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Part I: The “Out of Eurasia” Project: Objectives and Strategies of Transdisciplinary Studies

Introduction - The “Out of Eurasia” Project: Objectives and Strategies of Transdisciplinary Studies
Naoko Matsumoto and Saburo Sugiyama

Ch.1 Outline of the Out of Eurasia Project

Ch.2 Introduction to the “Out of Eurasia” Project: Theoretical Perspectives of Mesoamerican Landscape, Monument, and (Sacrificial) Ritual Studies
Saburo Sugiyama

Ch.3 Monuments, Art and Social Change in the Formative Andes: Case Study in Tembladera Region, Middle Jequetepeque Valley, Northern Peru
Eisei Tsurumi

Ch.4 LiDAR Mapping of the Tsukuriyama Kofun Group: Research History of Three-Dimensional Surveys
Jun Mitsumoto

Ch.5 Visualization of Archaeological Structure Data with Astronomical Objects
Kazuhiro Sekiguchi

Ch.6 Toward a Comparative Analysis of the Facial and Bodily Representation of Anthropomorphic Artifacts
Naoko Matsumoto

Ch.7 Warfare, Art, and Monument in the Process of Social Complexity of the Prehistoric Japanese Archipelago
Takehiko Matsugi

Ch.8 "Tribe” or "Chiefdom"? Lost Possibilities of Ainu Society and Influences from Outside Worlds
Hideyuki Ōnishi

Ch.9 Pastoralism of Camelids and the Emergence of Political Power in the Northern Peruvian Andes: A Discussion Featuring Archeology from the Viewpoint of Ethnography
Tetsuya Inamura

Ch.10 Evolution of the Human Cognitive System and Human Civilizations Viewed as Phase Transitions of the Primate Brain's Neurobiological Mechanisms
Rafael Vieira Bretas, Yumiko Yamazaki and Atsushi Iriki

Ch.11 Potential Roles of the Gut-Brain Axis in the Cognitive Evolution of Primates
Yumiko Yamazaki and Atsushi Iriki

Ch.12 Drawing Tests to Evaluate the Cognitive Traits of People from Different Backgrounds
Aya Saito

Ch.13 A Craniofacial and Postcranial Survey of North and South American Inhabitants from the Perspective of Possible Old World Ancestors
Noriko Seguchi and Conrad B. Quintyn

Part II: Landscape, Monuments, Arts, and Rituals in Bio-Cultural Perspectives in Mesoamerica

Introduction - Mesoamerican Landscape, Monuments, and Rituals in Bio-Cultural Perspectives
Saburo Sugiyama and Claudia García-Des Lauriers

Ch.14 The Possibility of Pacific Rim Origins for New World Ancestral Populations
Matthew Des Lauriers, Antonio Porcayo-Michelini, and Loren G. Davis

Ch.15 The Mesoamerican Conception of the Sacred Mountain, its Projections and Architectural Manifestations
Alfredo López Austin

Ch.16 Early Olmec Landscape Urbanism
Ann Cyphers

Ch.17 Monumentality, Elite Tombs, and Domestic Memories: Understanding Social Formation at Monte Albán
Nelly M. Robles García

Ch.18 Examining the Symbolic Constructs of Cholula’s Great Pyramid
Gabriela Uruñuela Ladrón de Guevara and Patricia Plunket Nagoda

Ch.19 Spatial, Temporal, and Symbolic Significance of the Myths Recreated in the Underworld and in the Space of the Citadel in Teotihuacan
Sergio Gómez Chavez and Julie Gazzola

Ch.20 Ritual Places, Pilgrimage, and Religion in Mesoamerica
Joel W. Palka

Ch.21 Reconfiguring Maya Urbanism at the Transition to the Postclassic: Reimagining Teotihuacan at Chichen Itza
Travis W. Stanton, Karl A. Taube, José Osorio León, Francisco Pérez Ruíz, and María Rocio González de la Mata

Ch.22 Performance, Politics, and Monuments in the Ancient Maya Plazas of El Palmar
Kenichiro Tsukamoto

Ch.23 The Emergence of Elite Tombs in the Southern Maya Area
Akira Ichikawa

Ch.24 Cerro Bernal, Chiapas as an Embodiment of a Mesoamerican Sacred Mountain
Claudia Garcia-Des Lauriers

Ch.25 Indigenous American Ritual Bone Treatment
Miguel Astor-Aguilera